Column Winches

Column Winches

CSM column winches have been developed for the lifting of materials at construction sites with safety and convenience. Its simple and reliable mounting project provides the agility required for the good progress of your project. Among the column winch models available, CSM provides different types depending on the electrical voltage and load capacities.

They are: 200 kgf single-phase and three-phase, 350 kgf single-phase and 400 kgf three-phase.


Model200kgf Sigle Phase200kgf Three Phase350kgf Sigle Phase400kgf Three Phase
Capacidad de suspensión (kgf)200200350400
Suspension capacity (m/min)252512.512.5
Steel cable length30m com opcional de 60m30m com opcional de 60m30m30m
Diameter of the steel cable (mm)5555
Number of steel cable1122
Motor Power1,25cv IV pole1,25cv IV pole1,25cv IV pole1,25cv IV pole
Voltage (V)127/220220/380127/220220/380
Control voltage (V)24242424
Frequency (Hz)50505050
Weight (kg)43434545
Cable length of the keypad (m)3333
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)1000x340x2401000x340x2401000x340x2401000x340x240
Dimensions of the cuvette (LxWxH) (mm)512x512x390512x512x390512x512x390512x512x390

• Safety, convenience and speed in material hoisting
• Instant brake in case of power outage
• Start with load at intermediate positions
• 24 V control pushbutton
• Panel with voltage selector switch

• Lifting of materials at construction sites
• Material lifting in continuous regime
• Used in small buildings
• Construction companies and contractors
• Rental companies

• Periodically check the wire rope, with attention to broken wires, crushing and corrosion wear
• Periodically check and retighten bolts and nuts
• If you use an extension cord to power the equipment, check the appropriate cable cross-section according to the table in the equipment manual

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