CS 120 Liter Concrete Mixer

CS 120 Liter Concrete Mixer

The CS 120 liter concrete mixer was developed for small contractors to help in the execution of small projects, such as houses, walls, sidewalks, renovations, among others.

Light, with simple maintenance and affordable price, the CS 120 liters can be totally disassembled, with a new dumping system and a revolutionary drive with a stamped rack on the concrete mixer drum itself.


ModelCS 120 Liters Single PhaseCS 120 Liters Single Phase
Drum capacity (L)120120
Mixing capacity (L)7070
Cycles per hour1515
Production per hour (m³)1.41.4
Drum rotation (rpm)3232
Motor power0,33 cv IV pole0,33 cv IV pole
Single phase voltage (V)127220
Frequency (HZ)5050
V-belt drive3L-2803L-280
Weight (kg)6767
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)1200x675x11501200x675x1150

• Light and easy to carry
• Small dimensions
• Panel with 24V voltage reduction on the ON/OFF switch
• Drum plate thickness:
• Top cone: 2.00 mm
• Bottom cone: 2.00 mm

• Minor projects
• Renovations
• Bricolage
• Occasional use
• Ideal to make mortar and concrete

• Lubricate grease fitting points before first use; then lubricate every 40 hours of use
• Periodically check the belt
• Clean the excess of grease to avoid material accumulation adverse to the equipment
• Do not lubricate the rack and pinion
• Empty the drum and place it downward before storing the machine