GP 350/400 Fixed Gantry Winch

GP 350/400 Fixed Gantry Winch

The GP 350/400 Fixed Gantry Winch is a versatile, ergonomic and very safe machine. With a tubular steel structure, it has a reliable and well-sized extension that allows greater distance between the load and the built wall.

Easy to assemble and carry, the GP 350/400 Fixed Gantry Winch is a useful tool in the construction site, offering quality, safety, convenience, speed and low acquisition cost.


Model350kgf Single Phase400kgf Three Phase
Suspension capacity (kgf)350400
Lifting speed (m/min)12.512.5
Steel cable length30m com opcional de 40m30m com opcional de 40m
Diameter of the steel cable (mm)55
Number of steel cable22
Motor Power1,25cv IV pole1,25cv IV pole
Voltage (V)127/220220/380
Control voltage (V)2424
Frequency (Hz)5050
Weight (kg)176176
Cable length of the keypad (m)33
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)2500X2218X15972500X2218X1597

• More safety for the operator
• Start with load at intermediate positions
• Holes for fastening to the slab
• Instant brake in case of power outage
• 24 V control pushbutton
• 1-meter boom from the edge of the slab

• Lifting of materials at construction sites
• Material lifting in continuous duty
• Used in small buildings
• Construction companies and contractors
• Rental companies

• Periodically check the wire rope, with attention to broken wires, crushing and corrosion wear
• Periodically check and retighten bolts and nuts
• If you use an extension cord to power the equipment, check the appropriate cable cross-section according to the table in the equipment manual
• Periodically check the runway