Rental 400 Liter Concrete Mixer

Rental 400 Liter Concrete Mixer

The Rental 400 liter concrete mixer has been developed for equipment rental companies and the precast industry, as it is extremely robust and designed to meet the requirements of high volumes and constant paces of concrete production.

Built to operate for long periods without any maintenance, it is the sturdiest on the market.


ModelRental 400 Liters No MotorRental 400 Liters Single PhaseRental 400 Liters Three Phase
Drum capacity (L)400400400
Mixing capacity (L)280280280
Cycles per hour121212
Production per hour (m³)
Drum rotation (rpm)262626
Motor power---2 cv IV pole2 cv IV pole
Single phase voltage (V)---127/220---
Three phase voltage (V)------220/380
Frequency (HZ)---5050
V-belt drive---A 51A 51
Weight (kg)198224222
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)1850x985x14751850x985x14751850x985x1475

• Extremely reinforced
• Greater durability
• Easy operation and maintenance
• High productivity
• Panel with 24V voltage reduction on the ON/OFF switch
• Drum plate thickness:
• Top cone/body: 2.65 mm
• Bottom cone: 2.65 mm

• Constant use and production of large volumes of concrete
• Ideal to make mortar and concrete
• Rental companies and precast industry

• Lubricate grease fitting points before first use; then lubricate every 40 hours of use
• Periodically check the belt
• Clean the excess of grease to avoid material accumulation adverse to the equipment
• Do not lubricate the rack and pinion
• Empty the drum and place it downward before storing the machine

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