SB 100 Bench Saw

SB 100 Bench Saw

The SB 100 Bench Saw is a versatile, ergonomic and very safe machine. With 5 cv of power, it is ideal to cut dense wood up to 100 mm, and it is capable of running for long periods without overloading the motor.

The SB 100 has an outlet for external sawdust collector installed on the back of the machine, making its inspection and replacement easy. The access to the blade is protected when the equipment is running, meeting the requirements of Brazilian standard NR12 .


ModelSB 100 No MotorSB 100 Three Phase
Height of the table (mm)832832
Dimensions of the table (LxWxH) (mm)2100x18102100x1810
Cutting disc size14" = ø 350mm14" = ø 350mm
Rotation (rpm)-3470
Motor power (cv)-5
Voltage (V)-220/380
Weight (kg)328343
Dimensions of the product LxWxH) (mm)3040x2586x10003040x2586x1000

• Straight cut up to 100 mm
• External sawdust collector outlet on the back
• Panel with voltage reduction
• Double emergency pushbutton
• Padlockable switch for maintenance
• Adjustable auxiliary guide for angle cutting
• Inclination for cuts up to 45° to the left

• Ideal for cutting dense wood up to 100 mm
• Developed to meet civil construction demands with safety and productivity

• Periodically check and retighten bolts and nuts
• In case of using an extension cord, check the appropriate cable cross-section
• Check the machine structure alignment

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