The pro-activity of CSM in socio-environmental issues can be evidenced through the Quality Policy, whose concern about the environment and natural resources preservation is established as follows:

– Ensure the lowest degree of environmental impact of our products and productive processes;
– Comply with the applicable environmental legislation;
– Operate in a preventive way, aiming at protecting the environment of which CSM is part;
– Stimulate its employees to take care of the environment, understanding how selective waste collection works, taking part in KAIZEN activities and the SOL program, avoiding waste and following the operating standard instructions.

Social Projects

CSM contributes to social projects intended to valuate and support children and adolescents in social risk situations so as to develop educational, sports, civic, social and cultural activities that will enable them to participate in recreational or competitive events that strengthen their capacity to absorb new concepts related to citizenship, human development and social inclusion.

The company also contributes to institutions that provide relevant services to the community, such as APAE and the Volunteer Firefighters.

Child Labor

CSM does not allow or support the use of child labor. In Brazil, the minimum age to take a formal job is sixteen, under the terms of the Federal Constitution in force, except as a minor apprentice.

Forced and Compulsory Labor

CSM is not involved or supports the use of forced or compulsory labor.

Health and Safety at Work

CSM offers a safe and healthy work environment, which includes access to drinking water and clean toilets. During the induction training, the employee will receive complete training for the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE), taking the applicable measures to prevent accidents and damages to the occupational health of its employees.

Respect for Diversity

CSM does not engage in or support the discrimination of any of its employees for age, race, social class, national origin, religion, physical or mental disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation or any other condition that may result in discriminatory situations. CSM also does not allow improper behaviors such as gestures, vocabulary and physical contact that are offensive, degrading, threatening, abusive or exploiting.

Disciplinary Practices

CSM treats all of its employees with dignity and respect, not allowing corporal or mental punishment, physical coercion or verbal abuse of the employees.